Enquête de satisfaction pour les parents ayant eu leurs enfants par gestation pour autrui concernant les prestataires de service et leurs programmes.

Vous avez eu des enfants par une procédure de gestation pour autrui (GPA) ? Ne serait-ce pas une bonne nouvelle s’il y avait plus d’informations impartiales, plus de transparence et des tarifs plus homogènes et justes ?

Notre réseau compte des centaines de personnes de 20 pays différents et nous comptons parmi nos missions de faciliter le partage d’expérience, la mise en relation et le soutien entre parents et futurs parents. Après plus de 7 ans d’expérience, nous avons créé une enquête de satisfaction pour évaluer la qualité des prestataires de service ainsi que les besoins des futurs parents par GPA, et ce, afin d’apporter les informations dont ils ont besoin pour prendre leurs décisions. Vous trouverez ci-dessous le lien vers les enquêtes que nous avons déjà reçues. Nous recueillons également de statistiques intéressantes concernant des questions de la « vie réelle », comme le montant effectivement dépensé pour la GPA, le nombre de transferts effectués avant la grossesse, etc. Est-ce que vous pourriez prendre 5 minutes et compléter ce questionnaire sur votre expérience ?
Nous avons déjà publié les résultats et les évaluations des agences et cliniques sur lesquelles nous avons reçu des informations. Les tableaux montrent le score global ainsi que des chiffres clés et il est possible d’accéder aux rapports complets (remis à jour en temps réel) avec encore plus d’informations comme les commentaires de nos adhérents :
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A noter : les réponses que nous recevons resteront anonymes et les informations personnelles resteront confidentielles conformément à la loi. Pour plus de détail sur les questions de confidentialité et pour d’autres questions, consultez notre FAQ ci-dessous.
We selected a donor from their pool and found it to be the best solution for us. The donor was local and well screened and everything was handled directly by the clinic…
Dr. X was very helpful and very personable. He really seem to care about our situation. Every step was explained carefully and all of our options were presented…
The agency match us with a great surrogate and was very supportive during the initial stages of the pregnancy. But then we had a disagreement with the owner and the support became minimal and the agency was no longer responsive…
[Staff at Clinic x] were very ignorant and unprepared to work with gay people. However our doctor was excellent and tried to push for change and more opennes…
[Owner of agency X] showed interest in our case and the social worker was great. The surrogate they found and her entire family were terrific…
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these surveys only for gay parents?
No - we will welcome feedback from any surrogacy parent or parent-to-be, from anywhere around the world. The vast majority of the questions are common to all surrogacy parents, and the ones that irrelevant to you can be skipped.
Are these surveys anonymous? If so why do you ask for an email address?
The feedback we receive will remain anonymous and personal information obtained during this research will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law. Your answers will be used only for identifying needs, trends and satisfaction levels regarding service providers. However, we ask for a valid email so we can send you a confirmation email to verify that you indeed submitted this survey. This is one of the measures we take to make sure the feedback is valid and not fabricated (see below for more).
Is this survey for Americans only? How about other languages?
Our members live in more than 20 countries and speak different languages! We would welcome help in translating these surveys, and for now please feel free to offer reviews and comment in your own language. We will also use the survey results to help connect people within their own regions, and plan events where there is much demand.
How do you insure that the responses are real?
First, we ask respondents for a valid email, and if they use a fake one, we will know since the verification email we send will bounce. If someone uses an email that belongs to someone else, we will also find out since that person will get an email from us asking to report if they did not submit this survey. We also use advanced technological protocols provided by SurveyGizmo to check the authenticity of the responses, including (but not limited) to IP numbers and geodata.
If we are a couple, can / should we submit two surveys?
No - since we provide you with the space to report the names of both parents / prospects (if you choose), you should only submit one survey per family. You should only submit another survey if you previously filled one as a prospective parent and now your child is born. In this case you will fill the different version now, the one for parents.
If I had a child / children through surrogacy more than once, should I fill more than one survey?
For parents who had more than one surrogacy journeys, you should first reply only about your first journey. At the end of the survey you will be prompted to submit a shorter version of the survey about your additional journey (up to a maximum of three), skipping most of the first and last sections. In any case you should only submit one set of surveys per family (not per person).
Are owners of agencies, clinics and other service providers allowed to submit a survey?
If you own an agency, or act as a consultant, lawyer, etc., but also had children through surrogacy yourself, you are more than welcome to submit a survey about your personal journey. However all survey must only report real experiences as clients, or they will be discarded. Check below if you want to see how you can submit a test survey.
Can I just test the survey, even if I am not a parent or prospect?
Yes you can. Please put the word "Test" as your first or last name. You may still use a valid email if you want to get a record of your test survey. We will then exclude your response from the survey results. Note that the same holds for partial entry (namely not pressing the "submit" button).
Can service providers encourage their clients to submit reviews about them?
We encourage everyone to help spread the word about these surveys. However, we will strongly discourage service providers from applying any pressure on their clients or attempting to reward them in any way for submitting positive reviews. If we are notified about such practices we may consider removing said service providers from the directory.
What will you do if you encounter fake responses?
We will be disappointed. We will also consider taking action if we find a systematic effort to skew the results, including removing service providers from our directory.
Are there any restrictions or guidelines regarding the written reviews?
Yes there are! We created a set of guidelines meant to make sure the reviews are effective and fair. We reserve the right to reject reviews or delete statements that violate these policies.
  • The best reviews will include not only whether you liked or disliked the services you received, but also why. Therefore, your review should focus on specific features and aspects of the services that you experienced. For instance, provide examples of how the services you received went above and beyond or did not meet your expectations. Hypotheticals and other statements unrelated to your specific experience should not be used.
  • Please only report about your experience, not what you heard about other people’s experiences.
  • For the consideration of others, written reviews are limited to 300 words or less.
  • We welcome your honest opinion about the services you received – positive and/or negative. However, remember that the use of all-uppercase characters is considered "SHOUTING" and should be avoided.
  • We believe that all helpful information can inform others about the options out there when considering their own surrogacy journey. With that said, while we appreciate your time and comments, we reserve the right to remove or edit reviews that include any of the following:
    • Hypotheticals and other statements unrelated to your specific experience
    • Incomplete or inaccurate information.
    • Profanity, obscenities, or vulgarities.
    • Promotional of illegal or immoral conduct.
    • Repeating the same point over and over again.
    • Phone numbers, addresses, URLs.
    • Advertisements or commercial solicitation.
    • Reviews from an employee of a competing clinic or agencies solely to discredit the services of a competitor.